Creative Critical Reflection Question #4

4. How did you integrate technologies – software, hardware, and online – in this project? Click the link below for my response: Transcript:   Technology was integrated in just about every step of my blog and magazine creation process. To begin with, I first had to familiarize myself with the website It was important that I learned all the ins-and-outs and became comfortable with it, as this website is what I used to document the whole process of my project. I also initially used my iPhone camera throughout my first few blog posts when exploring camera angles, shots, techniques, etc. Overtime, I eventually upgraded to a more professional camera, my Canon Powershot SX540. I obtained this camera not too long after beginning this process, and familiarize myself within in order to use it to my advantage. This is what I used for the remaining photoshoots and all photos that were published in my magazine. Then, as I progressed furthe

Creative Critical Reflection Question #3

 3. How did your production skills develop throughout this project? Click the link below for my response: Transcript: Throughout the creation of this project, I was constantly faced with the challenge of improving and expanding my knowledge on editing and presentation skills. While I have worked on projects in the past that required me to create some sort of presentation, it was never to this extent. Thus, this process has taught me a lot. For instance, before starting this project, I was unaware of all the components and details that went into the creation of a magazine. Such as conventions, I did not know what purpose they served or how to properly implement them into my work. Comparatively, I initially felt this same confusion towards creating  my own blog.  Over time, this production has enlightened me on the components and elements that go into a magazine but a blog as well. Both projects have allowed me to gain and improve new presenta

Creative Critical Reflection Question #2

2. How does your product engage with audiences and how would it be distributed as a real media text? Click the link below for my response: Transcript:   Magazines are constructed with the general purpose of providing information for the targeted audience. The purpose of my magazine is to inform the public about current news and updates within the African American community of the music industry.  Discovering your target audience consists of establishing what kind of people are most likely to be interested in your service or product. My target audience includes but is not limited to, African Americans, those who take interest in the music industry,  as well as those who take interest in African American Culture. Therefore, I engaged my audience by highlighting both experienced and upcoming artists and their journeys and accomplishments. I accomplished this through the use of interactive elements such as photos, feature stories, etc. Furthermo

Creative Critical Reflection Question #1

  1. How does your product use or challenge conventions and how does it represent groups or issues? Click the link below for my response: Transcript:  The final product of my magazine both used and challenged some conventions to create an enjoyable music magazine that was both informing and eye catching. The calm aesthetic used in my magazine differs in comparison to most typical music magazines. Being that I focused more on my information and context rather than flashy designs and formatting. My magazine gives a calm yet still eye-catching vibe due to the fact that I redirected more of my efforts into providing interesting information for my readers. Moreover, I also included conventions that are found in all magazines such as a masthead, double page spread, table of contents, and a bar code. Another example would be my sufficient use of different fonts, colors, and sizes in my page numbers, headings, subheadings, and text throughout my mag

Final Magazine


Final Double Page Spread

 Final Double Page Spread

Double Page Spread Progress

While brainstorming ideas for my double page spread I did some research to get inspirations from music magazines in the past. This helped me get an idea of different layouts and formats that will best fit my magazine. In addition, this also helped me ensure that I am formatting my magazine to the liking of my target audience. Below are some examples I will be using for inspiration: